Throughout life, an individual may suffer several injuries, either because he/she leads a sedentary life or because he/she trains a lot and has made a mistake when exercising. Injuries have various causes: poor posture, poor body mechanics, lack of rest, repetitive motion, muscle imbalances, among others. There are various treatments to alleviate injuries: physiotherapy, massages, kinesiology sessions, etc. However, Pilates can also be considered an effective rehabilitation method. This technique focuses on movement patterns during exercise, improves body mechanics, and enhances body awareness. While exercising, pilates focuses on muscular isolation that allows working on rehabbing injuries correctly.

Pilates: a safe rehabilitation

Pilates is the indicated method for the rehabilitation of injuries since its exercises contain multiple modifications that allow the body to work better. From the beginning of a Pilates session, clients become more aware of their own bodies while moving. This method favors mindfulness, i.e. paying full attention to what you are doing in the present time and how your body is aligned in space. This technique consists of a series of directed and controlled exercises that are performed by controlling the breathing, maintaining a correct posture. Pilates is a method that unites the mind and the body for postural re-education. It works deeply on the musculature, leading to successful rehabilitation.

Pilates: a complementary approach to Physiotherapy

Most injuries especially in sports are the result of muscular imbalance, a problem that the Pilates method treats effectively. Repetitive movements on daily basis due to work or sports, or not engaging the correct muscle groups can cause compensations in your body and over time contribute to injuries. Pilates sessions work the entire body, emphasizing muscular flexibility and total control of movements. Each Pilates exercise can undergo various modifications to adapt to the specific needs of the injured client. Today the Pilates method is a very powerful tool for physiotherapy programs. This technique enhances the benefits of physiotherapy, achieving faster results in rehabilitation. Plus, improved movement patterns and engaging correct muscle groups can keep your results for longer, meaning more time being pain-free and enjoying your daily activities.

Pilates: a different way of exercising

physiotherapy using pilates MiltonPilates represents a different way of exercising. Fitness in general offers many techniques for physical well-being and Pilates is the most complete method to feel good and get in shape without adding high intensity to your fitness routine. This technique focuses on balancing the mobility and stability of the body. In addition, Pilates actively prevents injuries to the body that may occur during exercise. This method improves body mechanics when moving and proprioception, meaning that the brain knows the exact position of each part of the body at all times, which avoids wrong movements. Therefore Pilates is an efficient method for the rehabilitation of injuries and also to prevent them in time.

How do Physiotherapy and Pilates relate?

Pilates is a world-renowned method for getting in shape through gentle, focused, low-impact exercises. However, Pilates is also a powerful method for preventing and treating injuries caused by overuse or incorrect movement patterns. This technique promotes body awareness, mental concentration while exercising and muscular balance, among others. Pilates also serves to complement physiotherapy treatments, which accelerates recovery from injuries. The principles with which Pilates works –  breathing, stabilizing in neutral spine, postural training, favor the recovery and rehabilitation of injuries. This technique teaches how to treat the body correctly to make it healthier through the correct movements.

The key is to practice this technique under good professional supervision so Certified Instructor can help you understand your body a bit better and correct any imbalances. At Pilates Difference, we offer Registered Physiotherapy with Pilates approach and have seen amazing results from our clients. We truly believe you can move with ease, less pain and enjoy an active lifestyle!

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