Pilates Fitness Programs

Group Fitness Classes

Whether you want to condition and build lean muscles, lose weight or just tone up and have a good stretch, small group classes will keep you motivated. It feels nothing better than working out together, cheering each other and seeing results and progress. We are currently offering Pilates and Barre classes. Please check Class Schedule to sign up.

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Personal Training with Pilates


Don’t let your past injuries or other body limitations hold you back from exercising and feeling good again. Pilates is amazing low impact training whether you want to lose weight, but don’t have the energy to exercise or you want to strengthen and keep your body lean. I help my clients to make a custom personal training program to reach their goals considering their posture type, past injuries, and muscle imbalances. Contact to schedule your initial consultation.


Online Fitness Classes


With our Online/Virtual Training there are no excuses to continue working on your fitness goals. Whether you are on a business trip or a family vacation at the cottage, you can always do an online workout with a certified Pilates instructor, or online Pilates/Barre group classes from the comfort of your home. Check our Online Class Schedule.


Online Pilates Training
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Nutritional Support for Weight Loss/Management

Nutrition plays huge role in getting desired results, because what you put in, your body is using to build lean muscles, recover, hydrate, etc. Your body need lots of nutrients like good protein, greens and minerals just to name a few to repair and rebuild muscle tissue after a training. For weight loss and weight management your nutritional plan sometimes accounts to almost 80% of your success. Get in touch to schedule your consultation.