Pilates Fitness Programs

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) has to offer lots of health benefits including joints mobility, low back pain relief, improve your sleep and help to prevent sports injuries specifically for runners, golfers, tennis and soccer players. It is an assisted stretch technique performed on a massage table by a certified practitioner.  Learn more about this stretch technique or book your session to experience it yourself and move with ease!

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Personal Training with Pilates


Don’t let your past injuries or other body limitations hold you back from exercising and feeling good again! Pilates classes is amazing low-impact training whether you want to lose weight, but don’t have the energy to exercise or you want to strengthen and keep your body lean. I help my clients to make a custom personal training program to reach their goals considering their posture type, past injuries, and muscle imbalances.

You have an option of working out through your custom pilates program online/virtually while keeping accountability and communication or in person with a Certified Pilates Instructor correcting your form. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation and see how you can get started with your Pilates classes in Milton.


Pilates Group Classes

Whether you want to condition and build lean muscles, lose weight or just tone up and have a good stretch, small group pilates classes in Milton will keep you motivated. It feels nothing better than working out together, cheering each other and seeing results and progress while making new friends! Please check our current Pilates Group Class Schedule to sign up.

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Corporate Pilates Training

Corporate Pilates programs offer a low-impact, adaptable fitness option for employees that can lead to improved physical and mental health, reduced stress, increased energy and productivity, and a sense of community among colleagues.

For employers, offering corporate Pilates can lead to reduced healthcare costs, increased employee retention, improved work performance, and a positive work environment. Pilates fitness is a great addition to any corporate fitness program, emphasizing core workout and improving flexibility, balance, and posture.

Get more details about Corporate Pilates program.