Private Pilates Training

Online and in-person Pilates training is the best way to get a custom-tailored exercise plan for your body’s needs using reformer and light equipment. Flexible plans are available to fit your goals plus a complimentary assessment.

  • Weight loss
  • Cross-train for sports to prevent injuries (running, tennis, soccer, golf, cycling)
  • Shape and tone

Physiotherapy Program

This program is recommended to those who are limited by pain, poor mobility or injury and seeking to improve their condition and overall health.

FST - Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) has to offer lots of health benefits including joints mobility, low back pain relief and sports injury prevention. It is an assisted stretch technique performed on a massage table.

Small Group Pilates Classes

Online and in-person Pilates and Barre fitness classes. Using small props like flex band, small stability ball, light weights, chair to add some challenge and fun. Bring a friend and enjoy a good workout together!

What Our Clients Say

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I have had a very positive experience with Pilates Difference over the past 3 months. Zhanna is patient, professional and very knowledgeable. As someone very new to pilates she is able to explain the exercises and movements in a variety of ways to ensure I was able to adjust and correct as I learned.One benefit I wasn’t expecting was the dramatic improvement in pelvic floor muscles after just 3 sessions!

Katie C.

I loved working with Zhanna. She is extremely professional and works on each detail. She’s also extremely sweet and made me push my boundaries as a beginner.

Saba S.

Zhanna is fantastic! She is so patient, accommodating and works with you and any limitations you may have. She is very knowledgeable about the body and pilates and makes every session new and exciting!

Shantel J.


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