Scoliosis is a deviation of the spine, which instead of being straight with neutral curves, is twisted and deviated to one side. Scoliosis is manifested through the visible curvature of the spine. The most common signs of this spinal deviation are an uneven waist, uneven shoulders, one shoulder blade more prominent than the other. Scoliosis also causes back pain, migraines and a lot of muscle imbalances.

pilates-for-scoliosisThere are several treatments to mitigate scoliosis such as wearing corrective devices or even doing a corrective surgery. However, exercises for scoliosis have proven to be an excellent idea to mitigate this problem. The exercises proposed by the Pilates Program for scoliosis approach this pathology from a total body perspective. Pilates for scoliosis corrects body posture, stretches the muscles that are shortened, improves the execution of the movements and help to relieve pain.

Can I correct scoliosis with exercises?

Yes, you can correct scoliosis through specific exercises that change your body posture for the better, achieving a positive impact on your muscles and bone structure. Stretching exercises are best suited to treat this problem, along with other body movements that will significantly reduce scoliosis. The Pilates Program has a highly effective design to treat scoliosis in a harmonic way, working efficiently for your whole body.

How Pilates exercises can help with scoliosis?

The Pilates Program teaches you to release tense areas of the spine, improve alignment awareness and strengthen the muscles that support and control your spine. This method works efficiently on your flexibility, the abdomen and pelvic area, fundamental factors to achieve a harmonious body posture.

Best exercises for scoliosis

The Pilates Program works intensively on the whole body, being an effective method to address imbalances that scoliosis has on your body posture. Here are the best exercises for scoliosis that the Pilates Program offers you.

Bridge: simply lie on your back on a mat, place your arms to the side and place the palms of your hands down. Lift your hips with the strength of your glutes and stay up for a few seconds and then slowly lower yourself to the floor.

Cat-Cow: place yourself on the mat in a quadrupedal position, hands should be apart and legs should be shoulder-width apart. Breathe in deeply, lift your head, arch your spine and lower back down. After exhaling you should do the reverse movement. Contract your abdominal muscles, and pelvis, arch your back upwards and bring your head downwards.

Mermaid: you must sit on the mat with your legs half crossed, back straight, and head forward. Raise one hand towards the ceiling and lean as far as you can to one side without lifting your hips. Return to the starting position and perform the same movement to the other side. Optional, add spinal rotation by turning your chest facing the floor.

Spinal rotation: lie on the mat on your side with knees bent and slightly in the front of your body. Reach your top arm to the ceiling and start rotating your chest up while reaching arm to the back. Keep your knees and hips in the same position. Stay in that rotation for a few seconds, then return to the starting position and perform the same movement to the other side.

Swimming: it can be done in a quadruped position or on your stomach and it actually imitates the action of swimming.

On the stomach: lie face down on the mat, lift both arms and legs off the floor while stabilizing through your core. Start swimming, doing small flutter kick motion with your arms and legs focusing on your pelvic floor and keeping your torso stable.

Quadruped position: bring yourself on your hands and knees. Start reaching the opposite arm and leg away from each other while stabilizing through your core and keeping your body centered. Bring them down to the mat and repeat for the opposite side.

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