One of the main reasons why so many people exercise on a regular basis is to burn fat and speed up the weight loss process. If you are aiming for a toned body then it will be a gruelling but rewarding exercise journey, especially since you’ll need to match it with nutritional plan. There are plenty of great exercises to help you lose weight, but there are definitely 5 that are the most effective exercises to burn fat.

Weight Training

Though this type of exercise is typically used to build muscle, weight training is also a great way to burn fat. Lifting weights or just using your bodyweight will get your heart rate up and your blood pumping faster, as well as boosting your metabolism. All of this will encourage your body to burn fat more quickly because it engages muscles throughout your body in the exercise process. Weight training is less strenuous type of exercises than aerobics and prioritizes the burning of fat instead of muscle tissue, making it the perfect way to lose calories and tone yourself at the same time.


plank-muscles-for-weight-lossThis exercise is renowned for how much strain it puts on your body, but it is not recognized as well for its fat burning abilities. Not only does the plank really work your core, it also engages muscles in your arms, legs, hips and glutes. And the stronger those muscles become, the longer you’ll be able to hold the plank for, which will get you burning even more calories every day. One thing to remember is that you cannot “spot reduce” fat in one particular area. An exercise like the plank that works you out all over and engages a lot of different muscle groups is a great way to encourage the fat burning process.

Russian Twist

The Russian Twist is another great way to work out your abdominal muscles and encourage fat burning throughout your entire body. As with weightlifting and planking, you should plan several reps into your workout routine to really notice the benefits. The Russian Twist works to burn fat by focussing most of the work on your upper body, which makes it a great way to achieve a toned stomach and waistline. However, it also works out your obliques, deeper abs, upper body stabilizing muscles and arms. You’ll feel the exercise all over, but don’t be scared there always modifications to make it easier or harder depending on your level.

Lose Weight with Pilates

Pilates exercises don’t usually come to mind when you are thinking about weight loss, but for the most part I think it’s mostly overlooked. Even though pilates offer a low impact workout, it will help you build a better mind-body connection and body awareness thus calming down your nervous system and lower cortisol levels. This plays a huge role in weight loss. Additionally, if you have past injuries or certain body limitations/conditions that prevent you from weight training or high impact exercises, Pilates is a great option to build lean muscles and train safely.

If you want to give it a try, book a no-obligation 30 min consultation to learn how we can help you to reach your health and fitness goals.


This type of exercise is probably the best-known way to burn fat, which is why it is part of so many people’s daily routines. Not only does the cardio get your blood pumping, but it will also get your body burning calories and encourage it to keep burning them even after you’ve stopped exercising. You should start out slowly by jogging and then increase your jog/run time to build your stamina and get you used to daily cardio. You can even start with daily walks if jogging is too strenuous at first. Then, you can work your way up to running to get your metabolism working even faster, which is key to burning fat.

Make sure you approach it the right way including proper running form, cross-training to strengthen muscle group to help you with endurance and recovering with proper hydration, nutrition and sleep. Check out this article from Canadian Running magazine on the walk/run method.

Other Factors for Successful Weight Loss

Though exercise is extremely important to fat loss, there are other factors that you should consider. Diet is a huge factor because you need to be eating healthy and with controlled portions to encourage fat to burn when you aren’t exercising and to recover properly. Your starting weight also factors in because if your weight is higher then you will not notice as much of a difference in fat loss until you have burnt more. So don’t be disheartened because you will reach your goal, you just need to dedicate a longer period of time to it if your starting weight is quite far from your ideal weight.

Your age, sleep routine, and any medical conditions all play a part as well because, like your starting weight, they all signal how your body specifically will handle the fat burning process. Younger people typically have faster metabolisms, so they will likely notice the results of fat burning before older people. The same goes for those who get a good night’s sleep because better quality sleep will give you more energy to exercise and also give your muscles a well-needed rest.

As for medical conditions, they can vary widely. An underactive thyroid, for example, may prevent your body from burning its stored fat. And if you have any medical conditions that affect you physically, you may require a less strenuous exercise routine. Always consult your doctor or licensed medical professional before starting any exercise routine. Ultimately, you know your body the best, so make sure that you listen to it, don’t push yourself harder than you are ready for, and be kind to it because it is your closest friend on your journey to burn fat.

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