With many of us still being unsure how to fully get back into the gym or fitness routine, feeling unsafe getting out for a workout or being demotivated staying home and not knowing where to start, or maybe thinking to hire a personal trainer to work with. With the COVID-19 times have changed and what we as humans have as our advantage is being flexible and be able to adapt to a new realm of things, not only for work and family but also for your health and fitness routines.

There are plenty of online workouts online on virtually any social media platform including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. There are absolutely no excuses for not exercises with so many fitness workouts available online, right from your computer! Communicating with my clients I found that there are a few obstacles to squeezing a workout into your day. Some of the most common challenges include:

  • Not having a calm space at home to exercise. This is very common if you have kids doing homeschooling, a husband working from home, a dog following you asking to go for a quick walk, and grandparents cooking delicious food in the kitchen. 🙂 Does it sound familiar? Well, of course, family matters, and you matter too!
  • Not knowing where to start. Yeh, just search for “Pilates workout” on YouTube and you will have a huge list of workouts offered, but which one is better for you and what do you want to focus on, that’s hard to determine. It can take hours of just browsing through them and by the time you found the one you like, it’s already time to move on to other activities. Well, that happened to me a few times.
  • Being unsure if you are doing it right. There are many great instructors offering free online home workouts, but guess what if no one watching you doing an exercise and correcting your form, you may engage the wrong muscles (usually the ones more dominant) and thus creating even more imbalance in your body. I believe this is not what you exercise for.
  • Not having a specific goal and postponing it to a later time. There are many ways towards your destination but without have one you will end up wandering around like walking in the forest without a map. This could waste your time (and money) and get frustrated without getting anywhere closer to where you want to be.

Benefits of exercising with a personal trainer

I find that working with a personal trainer help in overcoming those obstacles. It’s like having a partner to work through your ups and downs (and they happen all the time, from “not feeling like doing a workout” to “I don’t think it’s working for me”) or a team member who believes you can achieve your goal even before you believe in it yourself! working with personal trainer

If you hire a personal trainer, he/she can help you to:

  1. Help you with setting up your health goal and making it manageable and achievable.
  2. Stay consistent with your workouts and be your accountability body.
  3. Focus on certain areas you need to work on, so you can feel good after workouts instead of beaten up. A personal trainer also can work around your injuries or other health conditions and adjust workouts accordingly.
  4. Correct your form and make sure you use the correct muscle groups for exercises to minimize injuries.
  5. Education. Being educated while exercising is essential in maximizing the effectiveness of movement in your everyday life and reducing the risk of injury. The more you learn about how your body moves, you will see those patterns in your daily activities or sports.

There is nothing better than working with a certified instructor or personal trainer who can guide you towards your goal and even have some fun doing it. So if you think of working with a certified Pilates Instructor or hiring a personal trainer for a private session, contact me to book your initial consultation and learn what can I do for you. Your personal training comes with a 30 min complimentary assessment. I offer personal training sessions online as well as in-person in Milton, Georgetown, Halton Hills and Mississauga.