Group Fitness Class Schedule

Updated: April 1, 2020
 1 pm  Barre Vibe  online/virtual class
 10:00 am  Cardio/Core  online/virtual class
 12:30 am  Pilates: Core and Stretch  online/virtual class
Online Group Classes

Barre Vibe – a fitness class that feels like a dancer’s workout. It is focused on lower body (legs, gluts, hips, ankles) plus core strengthening moves. A dynamic group workout that has some cardio without jumping and you don’t have to be a ballerina, because everyone can do it. We are using small props like a flex band, small stability ball or light weights for added challenge and a variety of movements. Great workout for improving hip and ankle stability and enjoy upbeat music tunes!

Pilates – Mat Pilates workout using small props to strengthen and re-balance your body. It will help you to connect mind and body, tone up developing strong and lean muscles, and improve your posture. There are a lot of modification for every exercise, so even if you have certain body limitations or recovering from an injury, you can still do it. Plus, you will enjoy good stretch to take tightness away.

Cardio/Core – a dynamic fitness class with cardio drills in the beginning and core/abs exercises using Pilates approach at the end of the class. All fitness levels welcome as modifications provided for beginner level. Great fitness class to improve your cardiovascular health or cross-train for running, soccer, or tennis to improve your technique in sports and prevent injuries.