Class Schedule

Updated October 29, 2019

Pilates Difference class schedule

Class descriptions and what to expect:


Barre Vibe – a fitness class that feels like a dancer’s workout. It is focused on lower body (legs, gluts, hips, ankles) plus core strengthening moves. A dynamic group workout that has some cardio and strengthening movements. May involve using small props like a flex band, small stability ball or light weights for added challenge. Great workout for improving hip and ankle stability. Wake up your inner dancer again!

Pilates – Mat Pilates workout using small props to strengthen and re-balance your body. It will help you to connect mind and body, tone up, and improve your posture. Enjoy small group fitness workout, so you get out the most of it.

Private Session – If you don’t feel comfortable working out in a group setting or have past injury/special condition, it’s recommended to work one-on-one with professional instructor. You will get more attention to address your specific body type, health concerns or conditions and fitness goals. It is also going to be a safer and more targeted Pilates workout.